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Let's Change Your Life

Speaking Engagements

Experienced facilitator, teaching on many topics from budgeting, how to save, entrepreneurship, and more. Inspiring individuals to grow through personal testimonies. Allow me to encourage and motivate your next event.

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Tax Services 

Filling your business or personal taxes every year shouldn't be a hassle or cost you an arm and a leg! you can schedule a FREE estimate under 60 minutes.

Financial Coaching

Financial Coaching 

​​Starting at $175 

Begin to take control of your finances, through one on one coaching and tackle that debt!

  • 30-90 minute monthly sessions

  • Obtain regular accountability and educational resources

  • Create a debt pay off plan (if applicable)

  • Create and maintain a budget and spending plan 

  • Establish new money mindset and create healthy boundaries

  • Significant debt pay off, credit increase and education on how to build wealth

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Bookkeeping Services

Through a free system called " wave '' small business owners can connect to professional bookkeeping services, create monthly and quarterly profit and loss statements. For small business owners who need to prepare for the current tax season sessions are available as well.

Wealth Planning

Wealth Planning

A goal without a date is just a dream. Create the future of your dreams through financial planning. 


  • Answer a questionnaire with your goals and desires

  • We will use your current monthly budget, assets, and debt

  • Create an annual to 10 + year plan over 2-3 sessions 

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