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Updated: Dec 8, 2022

It’s another beautiful Sunday morning, and the sun is shining vibrantly through the blinds. I’m in the kitchen sipping coffee listening to my gospel music before virtual church while putting away the dishes. The disorganization here is driving me nuts! Cups aren’t in the cupboard, and spoons are with the spatulas. Clean tupperware lids aren't in the drawers, and glass bowls are on top of the fridge rather than being with the others. Everything has a home, but nothing is where it should be. Needless to say, I began to reorganize.

Then it dawned on me, this is often how we manage money. We’re not organized with money, we put money where it doesn’t belong, it gets wasted, thrown away (not literally but you get it). We don’t know where it went, we don’t know how much we have, or even what’s left or how it happened like that so quickly.

Being disorganized in these areas, such as the kitchen, home, school, & papers can affect us negatively in our finances. It’s a proven fact. I thought about how much people spend on going out to eat and when asked why, the primary response was because they were in a hurry or they forgot to pull out the meat, essentially being disorganized. When you can’t find something you need in a pinch, you’ll buy a new one right? Whatever that item may be. If you didn’t wash clothes because you didn’t plan properly and you need to wear a certain color shirt, maybe you’ll run through Meijer and buy a new t-shirt you don’t really need because you have several at home and now you have another one and wasted money. Can you understand how being disorganized can affect your money negatively?

Organizational skills can be something people are often born with or not. However, as we grow up we’ve got to figure out what works for us! One thing that I would suggest is to STOP & take time daily or weekly to make a list. Yes I know it sounds too simple or lame but it helps. Writing things down also has proven to be more effective. There are also hundreds of apps that can help us stay organized. There are apps for grocery lists, apps for budgeting, apps for lists, & fun calendar apps! Write out your “to do” list, your menu for the week & grocery list.

Another thing that can help you be more organized is to schedule your week. Plan for the days to come, know when you’ll have time to rest, read, work, play, & get things knocked off the to do list! Time management is a whole different topic, I’ll address later.

In conclusion let’s get organized. Now I challenge you…. organize something today! Clean out that junk drawer, or purge your closet, organize the kitchen cupboards like I had to on Sunday. Organize your week, maybe buy some highlighters and sticky notes like I have to. Either way let’s get organized and win with money!

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